Wrist, Fingers and Forearms oh my!

As gaming and live streaming become more popular, there is dark, ominous threat to our young adults lurking in the shadows. No, it’s not a creeper, a locust or rift monster, this threat is all too real!

If you have grinded for hours, or sometimes even days, you know how stiff and sore your fingers, wrist, hands and forearms might get. This may seem like a token of honor for having outworked, or out-grinded everyone that day but the long term consequences can be very serious. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is becoming more and more prevalent in young adults due to the huge increase in hours spent gaming with controllers and mouse and keyboard.

A condition that in the past was reserved for mostly secretaries and desk workers, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is now effecting gamers and live streamers almost everyday! The repetitive motion of  the fingers, wrist and hands, although necessary to achieve gaming greatness has created a perfect environment for more and more young adults to be at risk for one of the most painful and discomforting conditions a person can encounter.

So what can YOU do to prevent from ever coming face to face with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and needing a nasty injection or even invasive surgery?

  1. Take BreaksYes, we all know you want to grind 24, 36, even 48 hours for the instant boost in subs, followers or maybe just in game rewards. But quite frankly, that is just not the smartest thing to do for your health. Taking small breaks can not only give your fingers, hands and forearms relief from the constant beating they are facing from W keying your opponents, it also gives your body and mind some time to recover as well.
  2. Correct your postureBelieve it our not, your posutre actually has a very big impact on the amount of stress that is put on the joints and muscles that are being used to take you to level 100 on your battle pass. The reason why posture is so important is because the more your shoulders are lowered and rolled forward, the more weight is pressed into the wrist and forearm, causing a bracing action. When those entities are having to brace you body and also, move at lightspeed to gain high-ground, the tiny muscles that hold your hands together are facing a MASSIVE amount of pressure. In the coming weeks, Motiv8 Gaming will release a tool to improve your posture effectively, stay tuned.
  3.  Prevention MethodsThe easiest way to treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is to not get it in the first place. If you insist on becoming the most watched streamer or even the world’s greatest gamer, then there has to be an increased focus on preventing your wrist from becoming useless. A couple simple, quick and effortless exercises that can be done at your desk, sitting down can severely reduce your chances of being effected by Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
    •  Wrist stretches (forward and backward)
    •  Finger stretching
    •  Soft tissue massages of the hands and forearms
    •  strengthening of the hands, wrists and fingers

All of these are easy ways to reduce you chances of being effected by Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and literally feeling pain, numbness or tingling every time you grab you mouse or controller.

Motiv8 Gaming will be releasing training aids and Carpal Tunnel prevention tools in the coming weeks in our team shop, so if you want to be at your best for years to come, make sure to stay in the loop. We are excited to be able to help our community grow and develop a better quality of life! That’s the Motiv8 Mission.