Violet- Capturing the world

Roses are red, Violets are blue. We’ve all heard the rest of the timeless children’s nursey rhyme. But this Violet is much different then the rest.

Virginia Mergerditch, better known as “Violet”, is an Armenian American female who has been in the gaming community for a number of years now. The strong, trilingual gamer has captivated her audience by touching their lives both as a content creator and as the humorous, bubbly, and fun-loving young adult you may have seen on her live streams or her youtube channel (Violet’s YouTube)

A former high-school athlete, Mergerditch is best known in the professional Gears of War community for her intense style of play and advanced mechanics. Her competitive nature and passion for winning shines through everything she takes part in, and the Gears community knows this well.

This season on the pro Gears of War circuit, Violet plans to compete in every event she can. We are pushing for her success and development a player, influencer and person as well. Let’s go Vio!

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