Day 2 of Twitchcon #TeamMotiv8

In the wake of Day 1 of Twitchcon, we were eager to get Day 2 started on the right foot. We woke up early, scurried to put our Motiv8 apparel on (link), and made sure we had a nutritious breakfast before reaching our final destination at the event.

Day 2 was all about making new connections. We shared the Motiv8 mission to anyone and everyone willing to hear us out on how we want to help serve the gaming community instead of simply taking what we can from it, and making out like bandits. We tried our best to not only create connections with brands, but also had stops with avid gamers and streamers throughout the event to ask them what they felt were some of the biggest problems facing the gaming community, and what Motiv8 can do to help alleviate some of the daily struggles. (Thank you to GrimRVG, NursegamerRyan, MIKEDRO1TV) It was incredible hearing people’s stories and getting to know what some content creators go through on a daily basis was a truly humbling experience.

We were fortunate enough to be invited to the Crucible party hosted by Amazon Games. Their production and the effort put into that event was something special. Amazon never disappoints. It was at that time that Asuaje, the owner of Motiv8 Gaming, ran into another incredible member of Motiv8 Gaming, Violet. This is where the night truly started for the Motiv8 Family.

Drinks, dancing and a whole lot of bonding was going on in downtown San Diego. Motiv8 Gaming is definitely a tighter knit group now then ever before. We can’t wait for our future together and to grow our family slow, but ever so surely.

“ I can’t tell you how inspired I was seeing the smiles and laughs Team Motiv8 were sharing together. Although I wish everyone from the org could have made it out to Twitchcon, the members who did show were amazing human beings and I couldn’t be more proud to have them represent the company I have dreamed of. My only hope is that I could have a small positive impact on their lives, and help them grow as influencers, content creators, and most importantly…people.” – Carlos Asuaje