The Unsung Hero

Without a doubt, this is the “dirtiest” job in the gaming industry. The people who everyone counts on to come through for them quickly, efficiently and most importantly with some amazing results: Graphic designers. The unsung heroes of any gaming organization.

Motiv8 Gaming has by far one of the most elite graphic designers in the entire gaming world, Luis Montero. Luis, a Massachusetts native, is a self- taught graphic designer who has created content for some of the biggest names in gaming throughout his career. There is no job too big or too small for Montero.

From simple ads to the most complex of editing projects, Montero answers the bell each and every time he is called upon. “Louie”, as he is more popularly referred to as, is not only a talented designer and artist; he is an outstanding young man as well. The content of his character far exceeds any of his digital designs. His ability to express himself in a warm, caring yet effective way makes him an individual Motiv8 Gaming can’t afford to lose.

His integrity and accountability makes him an absolute joy to work with. Regardless of what his personal situation may look like or whatever the amount of projects he has bearing down on him, everyone can count on Louie. He is simply supreme.

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