Sharp changing the game

Every gaming organization dreams of having owners, players, employees and supporters passionate and caring enough to grow the brand into a world wide phenomenon.

We are proud to have acquired another outstanding gamer, influencer and most importantly human being. For the short time Brandon Rodgers has been a part of Motiv8, he has shown exemplary promise in his desire to achieve greatness. From his work ethic, to his integrity, Sharp (Rodgers’ community name) has surpassed any and all expectations of what it truly means to be Motiv8d.

An Atlanta native, Sharp comes to Motiv8 with a wealth of talent and experience in the gaming world. Having been a part of Team Kaliber, a wildly large organization, his ability to capture people through his humor, knowledge of the games he plays and his sheer passion are rivaled only by his teammate and long time friend, Neslo, also formerly of TK.

We can’t speak highly enough about what it means for Sharp to have joined our Organization. Motiv8 Gaming has it’s sails set on becoming one of the largest, self-reliant gaming organization in the world, and we believe Sharp, will be a critical part of accomplishing that goal.

To our fans, viewers, players, employees and everyone else lucky enough to spend time with this special human being either in person or online, please open your hearts and minds and welcome Brandon “Sharp” Rodgers to #TeamMotiv8!

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