Your Posture and You

People make judgements at first sight. Whether it’s person to person, through social media or simply a video on the internet, people are judge one another constantly. Now, being a slave to this is obviously negative and can lead to some serious issues both physically and mentally, but there is an easy solution to create a better perception of yourself instantly!

Good posture seems to be the newest rave, probably for good reason. There are tons of health and social benefits from having better posture that no one is really talking about.

Improving your posture can decrease the stress applied  on your major muscles. It can reduce the tension placed on your spine, improve your internal organ function and even reduce your risk for arthritis and carpal tunnel.Simply improving your posture can reduce your propensity for tension headaches, as well as reduce your risk of injury. These alone should be huge motivators to finding a way to improve your posture, but if those weren’t enough, consider the mental benefits.

A good posture literally holds your head up high. There has been a ton of research studies that have shown that your body language is just as influential on your mental well-being as your mental self-talk. You can LITERALLY improve your mood, self-confidence, self-esteem, and happiness by changing your body! Good posture makes you look better as well. Just standing up can lead to others around you seeing you in a more positive, confident and professional light. We all want to look and feel better about ourselves.  Your mental health is significantly effected by your physical health and well-being. The easiest way to start feeling better both physically and mental can be just by pulling your shoulders back and down and standing up tall!

Change your posture, change your life!