Neslo- Workaholic. Leader. Legend.

This is gaming. Not professional sports, not Hollywood, not military service.

So what is a gamer doing running 2 miles a day? Why would he be grinding his body into a fine dust trying to give back to his community, improve on himself and still have time to cherish his moments with his family. Desire. Vision. Determination. All of these are valid answers, but still, they fall short. There is something to be said when a person’s very existence and identity are to simply reach their potential. This is the best way to describe Jeremy “Neslo” Olsen.

It’s not everyday a person comes along and redefines what it means to be a person of action. This “gamer”, if you have the audacity of labeling him as such, fights tooth and nail on a daily basis with the aspiration of one day reaching what he believes is his potential. The kicker is, he has accomplished milestones in one year, no one could’ve imagined…except him.

“I expect to be a 10k sub streamer.” Olsen, exclaimed with no hesitation. His unbelievable work ethic is the number one influencer in his confidence. In this past year alone, Olsen has done more 24 hour streams then people do in a lifetime. He has had literal sleepless nights and at times, weekends trying to grow his brand, and elevate his gameplay to the level of greatness, and he is well on his way.  Having reached the 2,000 subscriber milestone in only ONE YEAR(!), there is no telling where he will be come 2020.

Motiv8 Gaming is honored to be able to work with and for Neslo. Being the longest standing player Motiv8 Gaming has employed to date, Motiv8 Gaming hopes to retain his services and talent for years to come. Cheers Neslo.

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