Motiv8 Marketing


 Motiv8 Marketing provides full service, reliable and quantifiable metrics to take your business to new heights

No Long-Term Commitment Needed

Motiv8 provides a simplified way to approach digital marketing. No hidden fees, terms or agreements. Full transparency is our promise!

Whether a month to month agreement works for your or you are looking for something a little more consistent, Motiv8 will accommodate to YOUR needs!

Customizable Services

Our unique approach to digital marketing allows for complete control of services rendered! Don’t waste time, effort or dollars on unwanted or unnecessary services. Pay for what you need!

Already have a marketing team in place? No problem! We can work synergistically with any specialist in order to boost your effectiveness.


Trendy, captivating creative content is key to producing results. Let our team of creative minds work to build the look, feel and limage your Brand deserves!

    • Full Video production services
    •  Brand specified photography
    •  Model/talent management and inplementation
    •  Logo and Branding design
    •  Ecommerce and website design
    •  Full color business cards, flyers and physical print and design services

Lead Generation

Building a loyal consumer base is key to success. Generating warm leads through detailed targeting is the number one way to build a large quantity of repeat buyers, announce company developments, and distribute promotions to drive sales traffic.

    •  Motiv8 optimizes email automation making CRM easier then ever
    •  We provide distinct email creative content to make more engaging emails
    •  Motiv8 leverages time to increase urgency and value to email list subscribers

Influencer Marketing

Our inside group of influencers have over 1.7 Million loyal followers throughout their social networks. Does you company want to reach the younger, more progressive demographic? Motiv8’s 16.9 Million monthly impressions are the perfect way to put fresh eyeballs on your brand!

    •  1.7 Million social media followers
    •  16.9 Million monthly impressions
    •  Professional understanding and commitment to product placement and promotion