Motiv8 Gaming Inc strives to be a world class Esports organization that is not limited to the gaming world. With a vision of making a positive impact on people from the local, national and global community, Motiv8 Gaming takes great pride in their core values of communication, professionalism, honesty and commitment.

Motiv8 Gaming is working hard to improve the lives of their players, employees and fans by making unparalleled efforts in fan appreciation and internal relationships in order to grow a flourishing organization today, and in the future. Motiv8 Gaming believes that in order to positively reach as many people as possible, there must be a focus on stepping outside of the Esports community and networking with brands, companies and people not affiliated with professional gaming.

By hosting local events and making an exerted effort for community outreach programs, Motiv8 Gaming will soon accomplish its goal of growing brand awareness, and ultimately bridge the gap between the somewhat still arcane Esports group and the mainstream population.

Motiv8 Gaming. Bridging the gap.