Hamz joins Motiv8

Motiv8 Gaming is making an obvious push to become one of the best and biggest names in the gaming industry. From a distance, it may be difficult to see the vision, yet it is ever so clear to those who are in the loop. In order to dominate the gaming industry, we must first define a mission. We call this the Motiv8 Mission. Our purpose is to serve the community of gamers, to improve their quality of life through knowledge, information, quality products and sometimes…laughs.

Please help us welcome yet another former member of Team Kaliber to the Motiv8 Family, Hamz.

If you have never heard of Hamz before, then you are either new to the gaming world or simply have been living under a rock for the past few years. With a huge social media presence and an obvious passion for creating viral and gut-busting, laugh out loud content, Hamz is a wizard when it comes to creating a loyal and dedicated online following. Hamz joins Motiv8 after spending serval years with Team Kaliber, dealing with some of the biggest names in the gaming industry throughout his time there. He helped TK amass more then 800k total followers during his time there and knows the ins and outs of not only how to gain attention, but how to serve and cherish the relationships he builds along the way.

The Georgia native, Hamz has an infectious personality. One conversation and you’ll understand why he has the ability to attract others to him. The passion and conviction he has in building something organically, from the ground up is exactly why Motiv8 Gaming is so proud to have him come on board.

Welcome brother.