Your Posture and You

People make judgements at first sight. Whether it’s person to person, through social media or simply a video on the internet, people are judge one another constantly. Now, being a slave to this is obviously negative and can lead to some serious issues both physically and mentally, but there is an easy solution to create a better perception of yourself instantly!

Good posture seems to be the newest rave, probably for good reason. There are tons of health and social benefits from having better posture that no one is really talking about.

Improving your posture can decrease the stress applied  on your major muscles. It can reduce the tension placed on your spine, improve your internal organ function and even reduce your risk for arthritis and carpal tunnel.Simply improving your posture can reduce your propensity for tension headaches, as well as reduce your risk of injury. These alone should be huge motivators to finding a way to improve your posture, but if those weren’t enough, consider the mental benefits.

A good posture literally holds your head up high. There has been a ton of research studies that have shown that your body language is just as influential on your mental well-being as your mental self-talk. You can LITERALLY improve your mood, self-confidence, self-esteem, and happiness by changing your body! Good posture makes you look better as well. Just standing up can lead to others around you seeing you in a more positive, confident and professional light. We all want to look and feel better about ourselves.  Your mental health is significantly effected by your physical health and well-being. The easiest way to start feeling better both physically and mental can be just by pulling your shoulders back and down and standing up tall!

Change your posture, change your life!


Day 1 of Twitchcon with #TeamMotiv8

Sunny San Diego is the perfect place to enjoy the beach, the beautiful California weather and best of all, the awesome venue at Twitchcon 2019!

Day 1 of Twitchcon 2019 was such an amazing experience for Motiv8 Gaming. After a long day of travel, we were excited to enjoy some of the good eats downtown San Diego had to offer. We had our bellies full of California burritos by the time we made our way into the San Diego Convention Center, with no real idea of what to expect from this event. Luckily, we were greeted by a couple of incredible people from our partners at Eyepromise, Brad and Zack. Later, we were fortunate to be able to spend time with a few of the most humble executives from TCL, a world wide, multi-billion dollar technology company! This in itself was enough of a reason to be here.Wandering around the venue was simply surreal. The atmosphere at this event is special because there are so many like-minded people in the same place. The perfect opportunity to learn, grow and share knowledge.

Our entire purpose in attending Twitchcon is to network and grow awareness for the Motiv8 Mission. We have dedicated ourselves to serving the gaming community. By learning what problems the gaming industry is facing, as well as what personal issues streamers and content creators may face on a daily basis, we can mold both our staff and influencers to best serve the community positively.

We want to help people find solution to some of the most rampant issues facing gamers including mental health, fitness and dietary problems and lack of financial literacy to name a few. So if you see us walking around San Diego, we would love to talk! Join us for a meal or just a simple conversation! We want to help YOU!

Eyepromise x Motiv8 Gaming aspire to help gamers

The gaming industry is full of teams, people and organizations trying to take as much as they can from the gaming world. It’s what is trending right now. It’s the golden ticket to fame and success. It’s hot. But one company is trying to give back.

Eyepromise, a division of Zeavision llc (link to site), has made it’s way into the gaming industry with one objective in mind, helping gamers improve, protect and maintain their vision as much as possible. Co-founded by Dennis Gierhart in 2001, Eyepromise has almost 20 years of experience in the eye vitamin industry. The company (Eyepromise) has grown into the industry leader in visual aids and has worked with players and teams in the biggest markets in the world.

As a partner in Major League Baseball’s Arizona Fall League, where the most elite, rising minor league prospects showcase their talents, Eyepromise has stood the test of time; and scrutiny. Eyepromise has worked with some of the most elite athletes such as Joey Gallo of the Texas Rangers, Tommy La Stella [LA Angels],  and silver slugger award winner Neil Walker. They have worked with dozens of MLB, NFL, and NHL teams and their product is well regarded as a “must-have” for any athlete looking to get an edge.

    “As an athlete, I’m always looking to improve my game. EyePromise helped greatly with my on-field vision. I don’t know how I’d go back to playing without it.” – 2019 MLB All Star Tommy La Stella

For Motiv8 Gaming, it was a no brainer to bring Eyepromise into the uncharted waters of the gaming world. Eyepromise’s goals, direction and vision for helping others all fall congruent to those of Motiv8.

To match the needs of the devastating affects looking at monitors, phone and tablet screens, Eyepromise has released a gamer-specific product tailored to helping the most common issues in the gaming industry. Screen Shield Pro, as the product is called, has a natural blend of ingredients including lutein, omega-3, vitamin D and the most powerful all natural visual aid, Zeaxanthin. If you have never heard of Zeaxanthin, you aren’t alone. Most people don’t realize that although they consume Zeaxanthin everyday in their diet through kale, spinach, or carrots, often times they simply just do not consume enough. That is where Eyepromise steps in and supplements your eye-needs.

Screen Shield Pro is the best way for gamers, office workers or anyone who is prone to looking at blue-light generating screens (all screens nowadays) for extended periods of time. The one-pill-a-day formula has been approved by NSF Certified for Sport, which is ground breaking in the gaming industry. For those who may not know, supplements do NOT have to work in accordance to the FDA which is becoming a growing issue. Many of the supplements you have taken or supported in the past may have been tainted with improper amounts of ingredients, dirty or residue filled machinery, or poorly kept facilities. NSF approval means that Screen Shield has passed the national standard for cleanliness, and professionalism. Note that ONLY NSF approved products are allowed to be taken by professional athletes. So that tub of whatever supplement you might be taking right now, yeah, that doesn’t fly for the best athletes in the world. Shouldn’t you take care of your vision with what the pros are using on a daily basis?

Screen Shield Pro is changing the way people take care of themselves and their vision for years to come. Do yourself, and more specifically, your eyes a favor and add some Eyepromise to your rotation. It’s the visual edge!

To learn more please visit their website here

The Unsung Hero

Without a doubt, this is the “dirtiest” job in the gaming industry. The people who everyone counts on to come through for them quickly, efficiently and most importantly with some amazing results: Graphic designers. The unsung heroes of any gaming organization.

Motiv8 Gaming has by far one of the most elite graphic designers in the entire gaming world, Luis Montero. Luis, a Massachusetts native, is a self- taught graphic designer who has created content for some of the biggest names in gaming throughout his career. There is no job too big or too small for Montero.

From simple ads to the most complex of editing projects, Montero answers the bell each and every time he is called upon. “Louie”, as he is more popularly referred to as, is not only a talented designer and artist; he is an outstanding young man as well. The content of his character far exceeds any of his digital designs. His ability to express himself in a warm, caring yet effective way makes him an individual Motiv8 Gaming can’t afford to lose.

His integrity and accountability makes him an absolute joy to work with. Regardless of what his personal situation may look like or whatever the amount of projects he has bearing down on him, everyone can count on Louie. He is simply supreme.

Motiv8 Gaming x RESPAWN Products

Motiv8 Gaming would like to officially welcome RESPAWN Products as their exclusive gaming furniture provider! The partner companies have agreed to a one year pact in which both companies will work together to improve their social reach, financial stability, and overall market growth.

As a company of OFM, RESPAWN Products has the backing and experience of a powerhouse in the furniture industry. With over 20 years of experience, OFM has provided some of the best furniture products on the market. RESPAWN Products strives to continue those efforts to provide the best, most durable and value driven products in the gaming industry.

Motiv8 Gaming views this partnership as a long term commitment to provide the highest quality of marketing an promotion to RESPAWN Products. With excellent product placement and constant attention on revenue production for RESPAWN Products, Motiv8 Gaming is making a conscious effort to not only benefit from excellent products but to also produce more income for the growing brand (RESPAWN Products).