Wrist, Fingers and Forearms oh my!

As gaming and live streaming become more popular, there is dark, ominous threat to our young adults lurking in the shadows. No, it’s not a creeper, a locust or rift monster, this threat is all too real!

If you have grinded for hours, or sometimes even days, you know how stiff and sore your fingers, wrist, hands and forearms might get. This may seem like a token of honor for having outworked, or out-grinded everyone that day but the long term consequences can be very serious. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is becoming more and more prevalent in young adults due to the huge increase in hours spent gaming with controllers and mouse and keyboard.

A condition that in the past was reserved for mostly secretaries and desk workers, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is now effecting gamers and live streamers almost everyday! The repetitive motion of  the fingers, wrist and hands, although necessary to achieve gaming greatness has created a perfect environment for more and more young adults to be at risk for one of the most painful and discomforting conditions a person can encounter.

So what can YOU do to prevent from ever coming face to face with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and needing a nasty injection or even invasive surgery?

  1. Take BreaksYes, we all know you want to grind 24, 36, even 48 hours for the instant boost in subs, followers or maybe just in game rewards. But quite frankly, that is just not the smartest thing to do for your health. Taking small breaks can not only give your fingers, hands and forearms relief from the constant beating they are facing from W keying your opponents, it also gives your body and mind some time to recover as well.
  2. Correct your postureBelieve it our not, your posutre actually has a very big impact on the amount of stress that is put on the joints and muscles that are being used to take you to level 100 on your battle pass. The reason why posture is so important is because the more your shoulders are lowered and rolled forward, the more weight is pressed into the wrist and forearm, causing a bracing action. When those entities are having to brace you body and also, move at lightspeed to gain high-ground, the tiny muscles that hold your hands together are facing a MASSIVE amount of pressure. In the coming weeks, Motiv8 Gaming will release a tool to improve your posture effectively, stay tuned.
  3.  Prevention MethodsThe easiest way to treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is to not get it in the first place. If you insist on becoming the most watched streamer or even the world’s greatest gamer, then there has to be an increased focus on preventing your wrist from becoming useless. A couple simple, quick and effortless exercises that can be done at your desk, sitting down can severely reduce your chances of being effected by Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
    •  Wrist stretches (forward and backward)
    •  Finger stretching
    •  Soft tissue massages of the hands and forearms
    •  strengthening of the hands, wrists and fingers

All of these are easy ways to reduce you chances of being effected by Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and literally feeling pain, numbness or tingling every time you grab you mouse or controller.

Motiv8 Gaming will be releasing training aids and Carpal Tunnel prevention tools in the coming weeks in our team shop, so if you want to be at your best for years to come, make sure to stay in the loop. We are excited to be able to help our community grow and develop a better quality of life! That’s the Motiv8 Mission.



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Hamz joins Motiv8

Motiv8 Gaming is making an obvious push to become one of the best and biggest names in the gaming industry. From a distance, it may be difficult to see the vision, yet it is ever so clear to those who are in the loop. In order to dominate the gaming industry, we must first define a mission. We call this the Motiv8 Mission. Our purpose is to serve the community of gamers, to improve their quality of life through knowledge, information, quality products and sometimes…laughs.

Please help us welcome yet another former member of Team Kaliber to the Motiv8 Family, Hamz.

If you have never heard of Hamz before, then you are either new to the gaming world or simply have been living under a rock for the past few years. With a huge social media presence and an obvious passion for creating viral and gut-busting, laugh out loud content, Hamz is a wizard when it comes to creating a loyal and dedicated online following. Hamz joins Motiv8 after spending serval years with Team Kaliber, dealing with some of the biggest names in the gaming industry throughout his time there. He helped TK amass more then 800k total followers during his time there and knows the ins and outs of not only how to gain attention, but how to serve and cherish the relationships he builds along the way.

The Georgia native, Hamz has an infectious personality. One conversation and you’ll understand why he has the ability to attract others to him. The passion and conviction he has in building something organically, from the ground up is exactly why Motiv8 Gaming is so proud to have him come on board.

Welcome brother.

Day 2 of Twitchcon #TeamMotiv8

In the wake of Day 1 of Twitchcon, we were eager to get Day 2 started on the right foot. We woke up early, scurried to put our Motiv8 apparel on (link), and made sure we had a nutritious breakfast before reaching our final destination at the event.

Day 2 was all about making new connections. We shared the Motiv8 mission to anyone and everyone willing to hear us out on how we want to help serve the gaming community instead of simply taking what we can from it, and making out like bandits. We tried our best to not only create connections with brands, but also had stops with avid gamers and streamers throughout the event to ask them what they felt were some of the biggest problems facing the gaming community, and what Motiv8 can do to help alleviate some of the daily struggles. (Thank you to GrimRVG, NursegamerRyan, MIKEDRO1TV) It was incredible hearing people’s stories and getting to know what some content creators go through on a daily basis was a truly humbling experience.

We were fortunate enough to be invited to the Crucible party hosted by Amazon Games. Their production and the effort put into that event was something special. Amazon never disappoints. It was at that time that Asuaje, the owner of Motiv8 Gaming, ran into another incredible member of Motiv8 Gaming, Violet. This is where the night truly started for the Motiv8 Family.

Drinks, dancing and a whole lot of bonding was going on in downtown San Diego. Motiv8 Gaming is definitely a tighter knit group now then ever before. We can’t wait for our future together and to grow our family slow, but ever so surely.

“ I can’t tell you how inspired I was seeing the smiles and laughs Team Motiv8 were sharing together. Although I wish everyone from the org could have made it out to Twitchcon, the members who did show were amazing human beings and I couldn’t be more proud to have them represent the company I have dreamed of. My only hope is that I could have a small positive impact on their lives, and help them grow as influencers, content creators, and most importantly…people.” – Carlos Asuaje

Violet- Capturing the world

Roses are red, Violets are blue. We’ve all heard the rest of the timeless children’s nursey rhyme. But this Violet is much different then the rest.

Virginia Mergerditch, better known as “Violet”, is an Armenian American female who has been in the gaming community for a number of years now. The strong, trilingual gamer has captivated her audience by touching their lives both as a content creator and as the humorous, bubbly, and fun-loving young adult you may have seen on her live streams or her youtube channel (Violet’s YouTube)

A former high-school athlete, Mergerditch is best known in the professional Gears of War community for her intense style of play and advanced mechanics. Her competitive nature and passion for winning shines through everything she takes part in, and the Gears community knows this well.

This season on the pro Gears of War circuit, Violet plans to compete in every event she can. We are pushing for her success and development a player, influencer and person as well. Let’s go Vio!

Neslo- Workaholic. Leader. Legend.

This is gaming. Not professional sports, not Hollywood, not military service.

So what is a gamer doing running 2 miles a day? Why would he be grinding his body into a fine dust trying to give back to his community, improve on himself and still have time to cherish his moments with his family. Desire. Vision. Determination. All of these are valid answers, but still, they fall short. There is something to be said when a person’s very existence and identity are to simply reach their potential. This is the best way to describe Jeremy “Neslo” Olsen.

It’s not everyday a person comes along and redefines what it means to be a person of action. This “gamer”, if you have the audacity of labeling him as such, fights tooth and nail on a daily basis with the aspiration of one day reaching what he believes is his potential. The kicker is, he has accomplished milestones in one year, no one could’ve imagined…except him.

“I expect to be a 10k sub streamer.” Olsen, exclaimed with no hesitation. His unbelievable work ethic is the number one influencer in his confidence. In this past year alone, Olsen has done more 24 hour streams then people do in a lifetime. He has had literal sleepless nights and at times, weekends trying to grow his brand, and elevate his gameplay to the level of greatness, and he is well on his way.  Having reached the 2,000 subscriber milestone in only ONE YEAR(!), there is no telling where he will be come 2020.

Motiv8 Gaming is honored to be able to work with and for Neslo. Being the longest standing player Motiv8 Gaming has employed to date, Motiv8 Gaming hopes to retain his services and talent for years to come. Cheers Neslo.

Sharp changing the game

Every gaming organization dreams of having owners, players, employees and supporters passionate and caring enough to grow the brand into a world wide phenomenon.

We are proud to have acquired another outstanding gamer, influencer and most importantly human being. For the short time Brandon Rodgers has been a part of Motiv8, he has shown exemplary promise in his desire to achieve greatness. From his work ethic, to his integrity, Sharp (Rodgers’ community name) has surpassed any and all expectations of what it truly means to be Motiv8d.

An Atlanta native, Sharp comes to Motiv8 with a wealth of talent and experience in the gaming world. Having been a part of Team Kaliber, a wildly large organization, his ability to capture people through his humor, knowledge of the games he plays and his sheer passion are rivaled only by his teammate and long time friend, Neslo, also formerly of TK.

We can’t speak highly enough about what it means for Sharp to have joined our Organization. Motiv8 Gaming has it’s sails set on becoming one of the largest, self-reliant gaming organization in the world, and we believe Sharp, will be a critical part of accomplishing that goal.

To our fans, viewers, players, employees and everyone else lucky enough to spend time with this special human being either in person or online, please open your hearts and minds and welcome Brandon “Sharp” Rodgers to #TeamMotiv8!

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Motiv8 Gaming Partners with Marketing Giant

Motiv8 Gaming has agreed to terms with the largest digital marketing firm in North America. With over 80 Million dollars spent in Facebook ads in 2018, SAMA is a marketing giant, who has proven for years to generate exponential revenue for their partners.

” I believe this is a huge step for Motiv8 Gaming. The marketing masterminds at SAMA have

already gotten their hands on our market plan and have begun to implement a systematic approach to generating profit.”

Said Carlos Asuaje, owner of Motiv8 Gaming.

With Motiv8 Gaming partnering with SAMA, it is likely that the esports organization will be involved with marketing strategies that are groundbreaking in the world of esports.

For more information on SAMA, please head over to their website: https://sama-labs.com/

Motiv8 x EGL Team Store is now LIVE!!


Motiv8 Gaming has partnered with EGL to provide some of the most fashionable and comfortable apparel on the market today.

“After working with a few very mediocre Esports apparel companies, I was tired of offering low quality products to our fans, supporters and players. I place a great deal of value in customer relations and I felt what EGL was doing with the quality and style of their products was exactly what we needed.” -Carlos Asuaje, Owner Motiv8 Gaming

EGL has been in the apparel business for more then half a decade, and works tirelessly to provide the hottest styles and fashionable clothing that can be worn whether you are a gamer or just looking for some great looking apparel for social gatherings.


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