About Us

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Motiv8 Gaming began operation in January 5th of 2018. Since that day we have strived to create the best gaming organization on the planet. Our desire to create an atmosphere of positivity and community engagement is only topped by our hard work and dedication for growing the entire gaming community.

     Owned by professional baseball player, Carlos Asuaje, Motiv8 Gaming has a unique opportunity to engage multiple markets. By having access to professional athletes in all major sports, Motiv8 Gaming has already seen backing and support by some of the biggest names In the traditional sports world.

Motiv8 Gaming is making waves in the gaming industry. From acquiring top tier talent and competing in the largest, most competitive gaming scenes in the world, to helping better the gaming community with fan engagement and community support programs, Motiv8 Gaming wants to contribute to the future success of the  To our partners, fans and the entire gaming community we want to say thank you! We wouldn’t be here without each and everyone of you!