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Motiv8 Gaming Partners with Marketing Giant

Motiv8 Gaming has agreed to terms with the largest digital marketing firm in North America. With over 80 Million dollars spent in Facebook ads in 2018, SAMA is a marketing giant, who has proven for years to generate exponential revenue for their partners.

” I believe this is a huge step for Motiv8 Gaming. The marketing masterminds at SAMA have

already gotten their hands on our market plan and have begun to implement a systematic approach to generating profit.”

Said Carlos Asuaje, owner of Motiv8 Gaming.

With Motiv8 Gaming partnering with SAMA, it is likely that the esports organization will be involved with marketing strategies that are groundbreaking in the world of esports.


For more information on SAMA, please head over to their website: https://sama-labs.com/

Motiv8 welcomes Proof to our Balckout Roster

Motiv8 Gaming is proud to announce the addition of Jordan “Proof” Cannon to our Call of Duty: Blackout roster. The signing completes the Duo roster for any and all future competitive events.

Jordan “Proof” Cannon, a Michigan native comes to Motiv8 with a long history in high level competitive gaming. Having played on some of most notable rosters in esports such as Optic Gaming and Faze Clan, Proof has an established following and winning mentality that is sure to be an asset to Team Motiv8.

The 24 year old looks to not only work hard to improve his own game but also to improve the entire gaming community.

“I love being able to positively influence the community and help people succeed. Motiv8’s morals and beliefs are aligned with my own, so it only makes sense that this is where I belong.” – Jordan Cannon

“I think he (Cannon) is a huge addition to the Motiv8 family. His winning attitude and experience is obviously a great asset to us and the players within our organization. We are excited to have him on board.” said owner and founder of Motiv8 Gaming, Carlos Asuaje.

Welcome home Proof!

Motiv8 Gaming x RESPAWN Products

Motiv8 Gaming would like to officially welcome RESPAWN Products as their exclusive gaming furniture provider! The partner companies have agreed to a one year pact in which both companies will work together to improve their social reach, financial stability, and overall market growth.

As a company of OFM, RESPAWN Products has the backing and experience of a powerhouse in the furniture industry. With over 20 years of experience, OFM has provided some of the best furniture products on the market. RESPAWN Products strives to continue those efforts to provide the best, most durable and value driven products in the gaming industry.

Motiv8 Gaming views this partnership as a long term commitment to provide the highest quality of marketing an promotion to RESPAWN Products. With excellent product placement and constant attention on revenue production for RESPAWN Products, Motiv8 Gaming is making a conscious effort to not only benefit from excellent products but to also produce more income for the growing brand (RESPAWN Products).